The Cost of Laser Hair Removal - Should you Buy a Daily Deal?

Posted by Shauntel Greene on May 22, 2012 3:28:00 PM

Deal or No Deal? 

Laser hair removal daily deal

Recently, many deal-of-the-day websites have become increasingly popular among Americans who are seeking out the greatest “steals and deals” for their favorite things - including laser hair removal. These companies are known for offering affordable and discounted items, getaways, and so much more. But, are you really getting more bang for your moneys worth with these specials? Here are some questions worth pondering over before considering deal-of-the-day offers on laser hair removal.

  • Will my deal include the necessary amount of treatments needed for the best results?
  • How much is the normal price for one of the treatments for the area I am interested in?
  • What will it end up costing me to get the number of treatments necessary for the best results?

laser hair removal daily dealOn a typical deal-of-the-day website there are a variety of laser hair removal deals offered for low prices.  These deals are offered on areas ranging from the bikini line, upper lip, legs, and a variety of other areas. These deals do come off as appealing because of the low price but are you really getting what you are paying for? And are you really getting a better deal?

Typically, at least 5-7 treatments spaced six weeks apart are needed for the best laser hair removal results on any area.  At Sona MedSpa, we look to provide the best results possible, and sell our laser hair removal in packages of 5 treatments from the start.  All of our laser hair removal packages also include the Lifetime “Sona Promise” which provides up to 2 complimentary treatments if needed.  After that, you are also locked in for 75% off pricing for individual treatments for life.  This means that with each and every Sona laser hair removal package, you are given a total of 7 treatments and will receive 75% off pricing after that for a LIFETIME.  

laser hair removal deal of the dayAn actual example of one of the deal-of-the-day offers recently for laser hair removal was $149 for 3 laser hair removal treatments (valued at $600 and offered at a discount of 75% off).  While initially this does sound like a great deal, keep in mind that most people will need a total of at least 5-7 treatments to get the best results.  In this case, with each treatment costing $200 regularly, it will actually cost you $949 to get the same number of treatments offered in one of Sona’s laser hair removal packages.  After that, you will also be on the hook for paying full price ($200/each) for any additional touch-ups instead of the 75% off lifetime pricing we extend to our clients                                       

It is important for everyone to do their research and make sure they are really getting the best value for the actual lasting results that laser hair removal can offer.  The lifetime “Sona Promise” ensures that you are getting the most effective treatments for your money, as well as providing insurance for your investment.   Sona would like you to enjoy the lasting results from your laser hair removal experience from beginning to end, which is why we are the only laser hair removal company to offer the “Sona Promise.”

For more information on the Lifetime “Sona Promise” as well as information on current specials and promotions, call 866-GET-SONA.  

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